Trish Harding

Hi Trish!
Thank you so much for teaching for CAC again this summer.   It's always fun to have you at Menucha.  We also appreciate your donation and I wanted you to know we were able to raise almost $2,800 for scholarships this year.

I thought you might appreciate knowing that all of your students gave you an "excellent" rating on the student evaluation forms.  Some of the comments under "what went well" were:   Well prepared class (as expected!);  enjoyable lessons, not a minute wasted; noted improvement in student work; great interaction with students; exceptional teacher!; surprising results were fun; great feedback; growth in knowledge of drawing faces and using charcoal; new student was made to feel comfortable amid pros; clear structure and goals from instructor; lessons were challenging and informative.
Nice comments from all of them!!
Thanks too for all you do to help promote CAC at Menucha.
Karen Bassett, Faculty Team Chair, Creative Arts Community

Ann Chaikin

Why do I love Studio UFO Open Studio?

1) Trish Harding really knows her stuff. She paints, draws, sculpts and does ceramics and she is great at all of them.

2) Trish is an amazing teacher. She teaches the principles of painting as she critiques. Every day we learn something new that helps us become better at what we do.

3) Everybody is encouraged to find their own style and to reach for excellence. Our work is really different and distinctive.

4) It is fun to be there. The group of artists there are interesting, intelligent, fun, and great at giving helpful feedback in a positive way.

5) Artists learn not just how to paint, but also how to critique the work of others. This skill feeds back into our own work and makes us better at what we do.

6) It is great to watch and participate in everybody's artistic growth. You can see clearly how much all the artists are learning by looking at their work.

7) Students learn about the professional aspects of being an artist: how to show work, how to write artist statements and resumes, and all the aspects of being a professional.

8) Trish helps artists to show their work and has several venues where she sets up shows for us.

I love how my own work has grown over the years at Studio UFO. I went from an unknown amateur painter to a known and accomplished professional painter. This would not have happened without my years at Open Studio and the fantastic teaching of Trish Harding.

Thanks Trish. I really value you and all you do!

Ann here.

Ann Wallace
“I’ve been studying at the Trish Harding School of Art for nearly six years, and Open Studio has been THE catalyst for my growth as an artist.  Working regularly with other artists is not only stimulating and motivating but it take place in a supportive environment.  Trish Harding is a talented artist and exceptional teacher.  One of the things I value most about studying with her is that she nurtures individuality and encourages and guides each artist to develop her own unique voice.”