Trish Harding

Living Next To A Volcano

Living Next To A Volcano...see this collection at Studio UFO by appointment or at WECU in Fairhaven 12/16-3/17

Artist Point Rocks, oil, 30x40", $1050

This show is showing at Dentist Downtown Seattle on Westlake Ave!

Ultra Violet, oil, 40x30", $1050

Baker Blast, oi, 40x30, $1050

Ultramarine Shadows, oil, 40x30", $1050

Bike to Baker, oil, 40x30", $1050 Sold

View From Artist Point, oil on paper

Study of White on White, oil, 30x40", $1050

All Blue, oil, 30x40", $1050

Making Waves, oil, 30x40", $1050