Artist Statement

Separated From Normal, a painted novel of coming of age on Lummi Island

In the decade of the 60’s we were the feral teenagers of a San Juan Island known as Lummi, a 12 minute ferry crossing from the mainland which is 20 minutes west of Bellingham, WA

My best friend, Paddy was the daughter of an Episcopalian priest and a stay-at-home mom who was originally from Australia. They were stern, polite, and a little weird. I met Paddy one night when she came climbing through my second story bedroom window. She said she had run away from home because her dad was being impossible again. “Oh, hi, nice to meet you, I’m Patti too.”
My dad was an Irish Catholic from Boston. He worked as an accountant. Annamae was my kooky mom who worked for many years at the little grocery store at Gooseberry Point in the heart of the Lummi Nation Reservation where everybody loved her. They were seldom home as their social life was very important to them and it kept them busy and gone most of the time. Paddy could always run away from home. I didn’t have to. We were free to do anything we wanted to do, go anywhere we wanted to go and get there any way we could get there. We were curious, risky, and wild.
Our years spent on Lummi Island were filled with angst, reef net fishermen, boys, driving cars, rock & roll, and home-made raspberry wine to name a few. I can still touch that time that would shape our personalities, build our character, and solidify a friendship... a friendship that would last through college at Western, crazy days at The Academy of Art College in San Francisco, first loves, true loves, family, and careers.
Normal did not live on Lummi Island. You had to go to town to find normal. The island was different. Everybody who lived there was unique, strange, or an outcast. Take your pick!
Every day on Lummi Island I woke up feeling like a protagonist in a novel and wondering what will happen to my character today!
Separated From Normal has been in my head for many years and the body of work will no doubt continue to grow as there is so many chapters left to paint.

Trish Harding

Separated From Normal, a painted novel of coming of age on Lummi Island-now showing at PeaceHealth Medical Center through May 12

Trish has is this year's Poster artist for the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival 2017

​This poster has won the Gold Pinnacle Award 

Best Commemorative Poster from The International Fesivals & Events Association